About Us

Ziptt.com is a product of Aquilis Web Soft.

Aquilis Web Soft was born out of the love for information technology and the need to do something exciting in the Indian E-commerce industry which was taking its baby steps in the year 2007. After two years of home based operations, on July 3rd, 2009, Aquilis Web Soft moved to a humble single room office in Una, Himachal Pradesh, India. Currently, Aquilis Web Soft has its Development Office in Mohali, Punjab and its Operations Office in Una, Himachal Pradesh with a combined workforce of more than 30 highly-motivated and dedicated individuals with exceptional problem-solving skills.

Aquilis Web Soft has developed expertise in Core PHP, Data analysis , SEO & Complex API development. Focal Industries of implementation are online mobile recharge, discount coupon aggregators and affiliates and online social media.

Our Beliefs

We believe in Technology and we believe that Data never lies! For us, the solutions to most problems lie in Data documentation, monitoring and analysis. In a fast-paced Industry like ours, where a technology just might become out-dated even before it is launched, we know that time is as expensive as money. We believe in the power of hard and smart work! We believe that mountains can be moved with team effort and an invigorating, energy-filled environment can work wonders!